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February 18, 2008

A break from my break

In today’s forward focused, fast paced and outward searching society we rarely take the time to truly stop and do a life review.  To take a moment to turn from all that one is creating in the world is viewed with admiration when in truth it shouldn’t be.  Just as play and rest aren’t given their proper respect, reflection has become something that is done in times of dire necessity.  We must change this fore it is the only way we’re going to both continue in our evolution and provide the support needed for the new God Beings of the great shift.


One of the things I enjoy doing during retreats from the world is writing poetry.  At one time this great love of mines took me deep into the caverns of the music world during the era of the great late Tupac.  As time continued I understood that my love of sharing my deeper feelings, emotions and thoughts were to be done on a lengthier platform.  And although I do so enjoy the many benefits from the art of writing novels (the nurturing and developing stage of Divine Power Unleashed – follow up to Born with Power of the Divine– is supporting me during these final moments of transmutation) I must admit I do dive right back in to poetry when the lighting strikes.


Well, I have been told that I still have a little more time before I am to completely return to my place in the world but I wanted to sneak and share a poem that I wrote.  I hope you enjoy and if there are any questions or concerns . . . ask God while in prayer and (hopefully) reflection.



Medicine Woman


Do you see me?  The strength of God-Force that shines deep?

Just one glance and you can’t forget my smile, my laugh, my original wit

I use to get mad at those who couldn’t see that I am ‘real’

Thankfully, mercifully God strengthen my eyes . . . this flowed to my spine

Now I am confident and tall

Knowing I am Medicine Woman for all ya’ll


Do you see me? The energy of all that is life?

The negative, positive and changes which are deep

I stand connector between Heaven and Earth

I stand, cry, scream- sometimes in meditative concern

Now I share it all

Knowing I am Medicine Woman for all ya’ll


Never would of thunk?  Neither did I; so now what?

As we sit on the cusp of the Time of the End

I commune with God, Jesus, Angels and Saints my friends

And although I wish I bring nothing but good news

Your acts, government and beliefs has created something a little blue

Know this or watch this- I am Medicine Woman for all ya’ll


None see truly what I see . . . huh, I have to depend on the unseen others to breath

Turn not lightly from my face

For I already have my seat next to Jesus on Judgment Day

I came to earth at your request- see my birthmark, the holy cross, on my neck?

On my forehead nice and red is the seal of God- I’m forever in His hands

Medicine Woman . . . I know, I know!


Use to cry a lot wondering why once more I had to suffer this heavy dense

Pushed around, beaten down because of my ‘gifts’

But now in the years of the trinity I see that it was all because I am blessed in deed

So in these last days of solitude before I fully let the world know

I sit selfish and determined to grow and grow

Fore I am Medicine Woman . . . I know, I know!



Archangel Gabriel, please send words that shine light on the offspring of the watchers of this world as they enjoy their last days before being sent to the dark abyss. 


January 24, 2008

Flu Season . . . Has Your Money Received It’s Shot?

Nothing on this planet, or the multiverse for that matter, evolves and changes without the assistance of God’s Touch.  For those of us who believe that there is no such Being and refer to My Father as nothing more than the local mall Santa Claus there is no need to look far fore HE is in everything.  HE is life nothing more nothing less.  If we once again examine an issue in the frame of micro instead of macro then wisdom can be applied to this knowledge . . . or as my none believing brethren would say, to this claim.  As mini creators we have scientific studies which proves that once we give a thing a name it takes on a life; be that of its own or of our design.  If that’s the case, then is it safe to point out that God is life since life comes from words . . . or the WORD?     


One thing about Mankind . . . we run.  We have our flee mechanism down to a science.  Humph.  The one thing that we often forget during all of our motioning is the fact that we are not faster than God . . . it’s not only our arms that are too short.  There is no reasoning or justifiable excuse for such actions since God has told us that HE knows what we are going to say before it’s said and do before it’s done.  Take for instance our aspiration for hygiene living in order to outsmart germs.  This is a case study of mankind attempting to outrun God’s design.


We have already been told that we will never capture that which our hearts desire and therefore it is safest to desire God. So how long did we think it would take before the entity named Flu would figure out that there was a way around our constant hand washing/sanitizing and non-germ transferring?  Can you imagine the inner discussion that could have taken place?  “Sir, we can’t handle the hot water that they’re throwing at us. We have to retreat in order to fight another day.”  I’m certain that during all these years in which we were receiving flu shots the Secretary of Germ Defense was pushing his underlings to come up with a new way to enter the human temple in order to out maneuver a well known foe.  Just as I am sure that he sits back today smiling at the fact that we humans can now catch the flu from cash handling.


This is interesting if one sits and thinks upon it all.  Cash money still has life before it and I can not think of a way to counter Flu’s recent advancement.  If the WORDS which read: the love of money is the root of all evil, has this recent development presented a window of opportunity for us to rethink our love and admiration of the materialist magician? 


Maybe this is just another step toward alignment with the great shit that’s coming.  I mean after all it’s just money how long could a germ’s rations last on a piece of paper that touches many hands, sit in sweaty pockets amongst other places?


Rochelle, please, again I ask that you help all needing a divine understanding of the use of money.    

January 23, 2008

Water . . . Sound . . . Mankind, its all connected

Maintaining balance while in the human temple is a most demanding task.  The Word states: that which is in Heaven shall manifest on Earth . . . our inner most secret feelings will/can create an environment that provides the safety needed in order to stand boldly in new truths and integrity.  Could this seed of information explain why those of us who work to maintain our connecting cord of light stumble but not fall?  One of the many ways of God which amuses me is HIS ability to make certain that those with ears and eyes receive the messages and signs needed in order to grow.


As I continue allowing the rebirth of myself, the author of the Newly Released (Christian) Fantasy Novel The Tapestry Chronicles, my firm knowledge on the dealings of entertainers whom help our fantasies spin round has been lessen of date.  Time for such luxury as the completion of all items on my To Do list is currently stretched but when God wants one to receive a message . . . well, whether in a desert, a village or living in Cincinnati, Ohio . . . the WORD will be delivered.  This has been the case for me this week as I’m finally spending less time in the ‘field’ helping others and more time in the ‘office’ helping myself.  I’m constantly hearing two words looping in my mind: water and sound.  Could the message be for me to remember that although I am to spend my existence freeing my soul this can not be accomplished without taking care of my temple?  Is God attempting to remind me that my chamber is made of mostly water- same as that of the oceans?  Or maybe the angels are relaying a reminder that musical sound is only an extension of the beating tone within?


Research has allowed such writers as Sol Luckman to properly explain the knowledge we need to unlock innate wisdom regarding the effects of water and sound on our miniature divine trinity.  And the effects of sound on our emotional health have already been established by our gullible scientific forefathers and foremothers.  Before we were concerned with what went down the rabbit’s hole we were asking What the Bleep?  I don’t know about you but truly I believe that with all this we still have not gained proper handling over these divine powers.  Not a day goes by when I don’t hear a tone in flowery words coming from a place of fear or that I pass someone on the streets who  flat-out present themselves as carriers of pain . . . and I understand that we are in the domain of Satan. 


Although God has promise to take care of fools and children, why are we blocked in such a manner that music is about sexual prowlers and financial slaves; not to mention the fact that we are creating choppy waves within with verbal assaults on each other?  What will it take to get enough people to assimilate the compassion needed to properly channel the gifts that come from true words of love as choruses which elevate and motivate?  Funny, I state this with the self knowledge that I’m in need of a vocabulary detox after recently returning to my private hermit’s shed.  Maybe that’s why the angels are constantly repeating in my ears the words water and sound.


Archangel Raphael, please, spread your green healing energies on me and my brethren on this domain known as Earth.       



January 17, 2008

Take Eddie Murphy for Instance.

Although Change and Evolution are first cousins they are not of the same nucleus unit.  Whereas Change is a constant circle of birth, death and rebirth; Evolution is a forward-moving linear line.  Eyes washed by divine blood easily determine that a lifetime is to change as a soul-existence is to evolution.  There is much truth in the old wives tale which states: Show me a boy at 20 and I’ll show you a man at 70.  We don’t alter we expand.


It was just after meditation when I heard it . . . Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds are filing for divorce.  Living by the Sound Words; I will speak neither of the divorce itself nor of the fact that Mrs. Edmonds was formerly married to a top musician/producer; instead I bring spotlight to the fact that after all these years Mr. Murphy’s decision making process hasn’t appeared to have evolved.  When the world was first introduced to the beautiful comedian with a golden smile and heartwarming laugh excitement was in the air.  With determination and development Mr. Murphy grew to command large audiences for his well received stand-up performances no matter his subject matter- speaking of his coming of age adventures with such tantalizing control that his listeners became paralyzed by laughter.


It was no secret fore we all knew that he had a wondering eye and an undying appetite for the flesh of women.  This is what placed him in a position where he manifested circumstances where he was best not seen granting the all important opportunity for serious life reflection and growth.  This was Mr. Murphy’s golden moment when everything that is us while on this Earth is deep in the moonlight and the shadows which block our change is truly seen in the brightest light.  I for one would think that this would be the case and after a stream of family movies I thought that it was.  The hopeless romantic am I.


Once the struggle was over and the gratitude of finally returning to Hollywood’s A-list released its last drop, Mr. Murphy reminded himself of who he truly is— a man that’s hungrier for the flesh than for the spirit.  A truth state that it is not during hard times that a man’s true character is displays but during times of harvest and as the tickets were sold and checks cashed slowly the Test of Will was upon him and he failed.  First there was the divorce from his wife, destroying an environment in which he could continue learning to trust and love then he was involved with Scary Spice and that created a life that he denied until the parental test proved otherwise.  Two major steps back toward the freedom to chase the flesh.


I believe that somewhere deep down Mr. Murphy understood this and in a classic performance of why only God can cleanse the hearts of men he decided to ‘hook-up’ with Mrs. Edmonds.  Without a true repentance he had no choice but to return to the darkness of desiring something that he can never obtain and since she still had healing to do (she said yes to his mess at some point before the ‘I do’) it was only a matter of time before this union was going to falter. Without the Hand of God he will always be what he’s always been a flesh chaser.


Maybe now that Mr. Murphy has gone through public prying of his life, situations that I know he would prefer to remain in the dark, multiple marriages, children born out of wedlock and even the kids that were conceived as the Word states are now without a father in the home.  Mr. Murphy has gone through cycles of change and still he has yet to evolve. 


But there is still tomorrow; especially if Jesus doesn’t drop by.  I hold hope in my heart that after this divorce Mr. Murphy will sit down with God and discover how to deal with his taste for the illusion thereby limiting the string of consequences to come with his innate weakness.


Archangel Daniel, please heal the heart of those who desire the touch of the flesh over the sight of the divine never to understand HIS meaning of a mate.

January 14, 2008

Eric Cline’s Raiders of the Faux Ark Returns!

Masculine energies have pushed mankind so hard with their inherent expansive nature that an organic spotlight is now centered on their nurturing feminine equalizers.  Could this energetic truth be reasoning behind male territorial divisions which are turning reverse current?  Has the previous ‘bread’ earner’s need to individually control items/tools/people originally blessed and created by God for the whole birthed our scarcity society that’s begging for more?  In order for continual evolution of thought to flow smoothly with the elevation of vibration that’s occurring here on earth we must display a true understanding of alchemy . . . especially in the field of scientific studies since research has aided in establishing limitations.


An editorial written by Eric H. Cline was published last year in the Boston Globe which states that true archaeologist, with true schooling and experience, must step up and save biblical archeology from the crackpot frauds.  Much of the article was written under the cloth of: I’m doing this in order to protect the helpless lay people who have yet gained the training needed to understand what is presented to them . . . its for the people that I say if you’re not one of me then you’re beneath me.  One of the things that I walked away with was a reinforcement of my belief that we have become so willing to pay for acceptance and acknowledgement that a college degree has declined in worth- think High School diploma 60 or so years ago.  But, Mr. Cline must understand that although his intention was to help poor biblical believers not get taken in what he did was force some believers who are in personal relationships with God raise their eyebrow.


From the moment that I started sharing with the hurt that needed comfort I’ve stated that the Holy Bible is a collection of stories with meanings that can/will help in navigating one’s way back home; therefore telling me that Noah’s story is one that has been ‘around’ or that recent discoveries can prove that some of the Book is historically accurate is a display of your misunderstanding of what takes place with me and the One True God.  Since we draw to us people and situations which mirror our inner beliefs then I can also state that the feelings of people who walk the journey with me -either for a season or lifetime- are similar to mines, so, Mr. Cline appears to deliver a questionable yet gentle attack on amateurs following their heart possibly bringing formation to prophetic words shared by angels over 10 years ago.


All true advancements have begun off the backs of amateurs that had nothing to lose but the peace of mind that comes from following that still small voice.  Once the task has been accomplished the final result is shared and passed on to those who do have the training needed to explain what love and faith discovered.  Again, Mr. Cline did acknowledge this fact but not enough to balance his argument; as a matter of fact he continues with reasoning (as only man can) for the reasoning behind the professional archeologist missing in the biblical action.  Snobbery, uncertainty and challenges to religious dogma.  I have an opinion of the those three first snobbery is nothing more that an extension of the belief that obeying the laws of man will grant righteousness; second uncertainty comes from a lack of intimate relationship with the Creator; and finally in today’s society one need not stray far to discover that the religious dogmas of yesterday and today are being challenged.


Still, with all that said there was light at the end of the tunnel for this article Mr. Cline does state in his conclusion that its not about taking the ball and going home but instead an oath to good science and as such the walls of us vs. them must be torn down by moving past comfort zone of published findings and stepping into the realm of TV, radio and internet. 


I’ve said it before things are changing and the norm is no longer so.  If there is nothing else gained from the communication that Mr. Cline shared one will walk away with another piece of the puzzle that will come into focus in 2012.


Angel Megadriel, I tank you for your 1997 message foretelling Mr. Cline’s awareness, circumstances and conclusions.     

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